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Buy Ketaset (Ketamine HCL) 100mg ml injection

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Buy Ketaset (Ketamine HCL) 100mg ml injection Online

Mol Formula: C13H16ClNO · HCl
Formula Weight: 274.19 g/mol
CAS Number: 1867-66-9
Storage Temperature: 2 – 8 °C
Appearance (Color): White to Faint Yellow
Appearance (Form): Powder/Crystal
Solubility (Color): Colorless to Very Faint Yellow
Solubility (Turbidity) : Clear
Purity (TLC) > 98 %

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Buy Ketaset online (Ketamine HCL)

Ketaset (ketamine hcl injection, USP) is a rapid-acting, nonnarcotic, nonbarbiturate agent for anesthetic use in cats & for restraint in subhuman primates. It is chemically designated dl 2-(o-ochlorophenyl)- 2-(methylamino) cyclohexanone hydrochloride and is supplied as a slightly acid (pH 3.5 to 5.5) solution for intramuscular injection in a concentration containing the equivalent of 100 mg ketamine base per milliliter and contains not more than 0.1 mg/mL benzethonium chloride as a preservative. Buy Ketaset online, ketamine treatment .